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A Drone is also know as a Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV). It's a radio controlled plane, multi rotor copter or scale helicopter which has the ability to fly autonomously, the autopilot allows this unmanned technology to fly while the pilot in control can observe the UAV's flight as it performs the predetermined mission flying to waypoints. The waypoints are programmed into the autopilot before takeoff or while in the air if you use a telemetry link. The autopilots we sell are both open source from 3D Robotics & closed source from DJI.

Build Your Own Drone is more than just an online shop which supplies parts to customers, we help with build your own drone kits, undertake bespoke building for any number of aerial platform solutions and FPV racing systems and hold in stock First Person View systems from Fatshark & ImmersionRC the world leaders in FPV systems.

We undertake UAV consultation services and onsite training for the professionally built UAV's, which we supply to clients worldwide. Please contact us with your UAV requirements and we will be happy to help deliver the systems and services you require to your specifications.  

Build Your Own Drone stock many of the DJI products, in the DJI Innovation's  section you will find the Flame Wheel ARTF & frame kits, these are very popular. The DJI Naza M V2 GPS + F550 Flame Wheel E305 + Landing Legs multi-rotor HexaCopter frame kit and the DJI Naza M V2 GPS + F450 Flame Wheel E305 + Landing Legs multi-rotor QuadCopter frame kits are very strong frames and are easy to build! All the frames include the power boards built into the lower frame plates. The DJI NAZA M V2 GPS and Naza Lite V 1.1 GPS are the most popular hobby controllers and can be used on for position hold, RTL or IOC functions.