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Build Your Own Drone is more than just a shop that supplies parts to customers to build their own UAV's, we also undertake bespoke building for any number of aerial platform solutions, UAV consultation services and onsite training for the professionally built UAV's, which we supply to clients worldwide.

Professional aerial photography and surveys is another key service provided for our clients. This is the most varied part of the business, with our portfolio of clients being extremely varied and growing daily, we are never sure where we will be asked to visit next! We have been to archaeological excavations to aid in documenting the site, visited a number of Olympic venues to produce photos of the facilities before they were opened to the public and large estates which have come up for sale and need more specialised photography than can be conducted from the ground. All of the pilots which operate the UAV's for aerial photography are fully covered by public liability insurance and have all required CAA certifications to fly the UAV's.

Please contact us with your UAV requirements and we will be happy to help deliver the systems and services you require to your specifications.

What is an amateur UAV or Drone?


An amateur Drone is also know as a Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV). It's a radio controlled plane, multi rotor copter or scale helicopter which has the ability to fly autonomously, the autopilot allows this unmanned technology to fly while the pilot in control can observe the UAV's flight as it performs the predetermined mission flying to waypoints. The waypoints are programmed into the autopilot before takeoff or while in the air if you use a telemetry kit. The autopilots we sell are both open source from DIY Drones & closed source from Atto Pilot and DJI Innovations Wookong M. The ArduPilot Mega 2.5 can be used for basic stabilisation or as a complex autopilot with 3D waypoint navigation supported through the use of a ground station.
The New UK UAV Forum has just been opened: Home Grown Drones Please stop by and join us!
Latest news from DJI on the NAZA Flight Controller GPS edition:
DJI Innovations have supplied information today on their latest addition to the multi rotor line up of flight controllers; the DJI NAZA has now been given GPS, which can be used on for position hold, RTL or IOC. The NAZA GPS Flight Controller GPS unit can also be added to current NAZA Flight Controllers with the GPS Upgrade option so existing users can add the additional functions of the latest GPS NAZA.

New features that have and will be added to the DJI Innovations Wookong M / WKM in the near future:


As DJI continues to refine the Wookong M controller flight performance and features there will be a Flight Algorithm refinement dealing with tail and head wind condition to maintain a smoother flight for all Auto Pilot work; this will see an improvement in the flight stability over and above the current flight performance. The long awaited PPM is now available for Wookong WKM providing Octo and X8 users using non-S-bus system access to remote gain adjustment, less cabling for a neat layout when PPM receiver is prefer over S-Bus. The Gimbal servo output increased from 100 Hz to 400 Hz, and the servo endpoint to 90� for better gimbal performance. A Hot Spot circling flight in 5 meters diameter enhances the Auto Pilot performance. There will be additional channel to activate RTH via transmitter switch makes recovery a flip of a switch away.


In the DJI Wookong section of Build Your Own Drone we hold in stock all three Flame Wheel frame kits, the F550 multi rotor HexaCopter frame kit and the F450 F330 multi rotor QuadCopter frame kits, these are very strong frames and are easy to build! All the frames include the power boards built into the lower frame plates. There are also the Almost Ready To Fly (ARTF) Flame wheel F550 HexaCopter F450 QuadCopter kits, these ARTF kits include the ESC�s, motors and props needed to build your QuadCopter or HexaCopter, you can add one of the NAZA Flight Controller systems to these kits for FPV & fun flights or the WKM for more control with telemetry, autonomous flights and waypoint options.


In addition to the new Flame Wheel frames and ARTF kits we have added upgrade options for the DJI Wookong WKM, you can now update your flight system with a number of different upgrade options, the first step in the chain of upgrades is the M View Data Radio GCS (Ground Control Station) system which allows real time telemetry, with a single way point included, the second upgrade comes in two formats, either the 5 waypoint or step up to the full 50 waypoint upgrade!


The DJI Wookong WKHWKH Lite and WKH GPS upgrade are new additions to the store, these are used on scale helicopters, the WKH Lite is a basic flight controller which can be upgraded to the full WKH with DJI GPS unit, for current users of the WKH Lite there is the option to take your flight controller and helicopter to the next level by upgrading to the WKH.